A photo of adverts on Piccadilly Circus, London

Jack Wills Ad Campaign

This is my very first advertising campaign. It was part of my Advertising module at university. The task was to choose a UK-based advertising agency to ‘represent’ and a struggling brand which needs an advertising campaign to boost its sales, increase awareness or whatever the objective is.

My team and I chose to represent Mother London. The struggling company was Jack Wills. We created a portfolio of the ad campaign which included research on Jack Wills’ background, successes and failures, market trends and competition research, our own primary research on the audiences, SWOT analysis, and of course planning and dissemination of the campaign.

I enjoyed this assignment quite a lot because I had already done an internship in a TV Commercial Production company and had been introduced to the production side of advertising. With this campaign I built on my theoretical knowledge and skills and I am now definitely more confident in terms of creative briefs, audience and compatition analysis and market research.


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