Navigating the news media in an age of information explosion - a screenshot of a google document taken by the author.

Media Literacy Workshop Guide

In this post I will talk a little bit more about the step-by-step guide for the media literacy workshop my team and I created during the Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change 2019.

Simply put, the task for each work group was to create a workshop to increase media literacy and fight the distrust in media and journalism. We were encouraged to apply all the new concepts we had learned during the lectures with media academics and practitioners throughout the seminar.

Our work meetings were very well-organised and consistent thanks to our great supervisor Philip Alvy. The culturally-diverse team contributed to a very diversified, intense and exciting work environment. Each of us came from a different country and had different observations of, and experiences with, the media. This made our guide very well-informed and universal for cultures and people.

The target audience of the workshop was 18-25-year-old university and high-school students from diversified backgrounds. To achieve the objectives we had identified, we came up with different engaging and strategic activities and a detailed plan for conducting the workshop.

Overall, the working process was so much fun, my team mates were incredible people with amazing stories and experiences. This created a welcoming environment which encouraged us to be open and eager to learn. And I made friends for life!


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