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Five days ago I finally submitted my dissertation. I had been working on it since October 2019 and you can imagine the relief and pride I felt when I hit the ‘Submit’ button.

Gender studies have been a fundamental part of my university degree. Due to my interest in this area I have read and discussed a lot. I decided to link it with my interest in advertising and the result was this:

The front cover of my dissertation.
The front cover of my dissertation
A screenshot of the abstract of my dissertation
The abstract of my dissertation

Hard work pays off, they say. This is why I put so much effort and time into what is the most important piece of writing for my higher education. At the beginning the concept seemed intimidating but soon I realised this is the university work I had enjoyed the most. I had the freedom to choose my topic which made the research and writing process so enjoyable.

By submitting it, I put a whole chapter of my life to an end… And now I am ready for new adventures!

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