A photo of the set of a commercial filming.


These are the ads I contributed to the making of. Even though it was a tiny contribution because I was interning at the production company (Solent Film) and I was still learning, it was wonderful to observe and help the planning and filming of the adverts.

The production side of advertising was fairly new to me. That’s why I decided to give it a go. You will never grow if you never try, right? Walking out of my comfort zone always turns out to be the best decision.

I was having an incredible time because I met representatives from world-famous ad agencies like KARMARAMA and Wieden + Kennedy. The production industry is intense, highly competitive and fascinating. Being interested in Advertising, I had the opportunity to see all the workload which follows the creative brief.

I have included these ads not as part of my personal portfolio, but as an example of the type of work I was involved with in 2019 . I found this internship very benefitial because when planning an ad campaign and writing a creative brief I can now see beyond and into the filming process. Thus, I can make more informed decisions and have a real idea of how my vision can be brought to life.

Here’s what my summer 2019 looked like…

Oppo reno 2 by Wieden+Kennedy

Confused.com ‘rugby world cup idents’ by karmarama

nutella – backen by e+p

smava tvc by try no agency

And here are some behind the scenes photos of what I recall as one of the most exciting internships.

A behind the scenes photo on the set of the Rugby World Cup Idents commercial.
On the set of ‘Rugby World Cup idents’
A behind the scenes photo of the Nutella Backen commercial
On the set of the Nutella Backen commercial
A selfie taken of the author, colleagues and actors.
Having fun on the set with some colleagues and actors

Every job you start has a lot to offer. This one offered me a first-hand experience of how exciting a job in advertising could be, even though it was focused on the production side of it. It made me even more convinced that this is my calling and that I should pursue a career in this direction.

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