Suicide – The Sad Reality

Most people are not aware of the extent of suicide within our society. However, take a look at the statistics in the diagram below.

UK suicide statistics

Suicide statistics 2017 (According to the Samaritans website)

The problem

For many people, understanding why somebody could ever consider taking their own lives seems impossible. However suicide remains one of the biggest killers in the UK.

With a little care and understanding we can all make a difference. For example,  better awareness of those around us could help us identify who may be at risk. How often do you ask ‘how are you?’ without really listening to the answer?

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Its important to realise the sensitivities around discussing suicide. Whereas its not an option for most people the possibility of normalising it through over communication of incidents increases the chance of it becoming an option for some.

Furthermore, there has been a suggestion that suicide cults have been more accessible as a result of the internet. As an example, the Bridgend Suicide incidents were blamed on such a cult. In this instance, 26 young people took their own lives between 2007 and 2009.  Of these, 25 were by hanging. In this instance, a media blackout prevented further increase in deaths.

world suicide prevention day logo

How can you help?

Most people struggle to talk about their feelings of distress. However, talking does help. Just starting up a conversation with somebody may be enough. In particular, giving people the space to discuss their feelings really does make a difference.

Next time you say ‘How are you?’ take a little time to really listen to the answer! It could make all the difference to someones life, and maybe it could just save a life.

If you feel in distress or despair, In the UK you may contact Samaritans
Call 116 123 or Email 

Alternatively, other help is listed at my where can you get help page.