Voice & Tone

This blog focuses on what a journey it was for the visual arts to get to where it is now. Ranging from European artists of the Renaissance to Animators of the 21st century, each blog post will demonstrate how technology and digitalisation have changed how creators are able to express themselves and their ideas.

The concept of the blog is to inform and educate readers; therefore, any information, material or data will be linked back to their sources. As the readers are a big part of what I hope will soon turn into a virtual community, I will engage with them both in the comment section and on Twitter.

Being the writer of this blog, these are the four rules I put emphasis on:

  1. Informative: For this blog, all of the posts will be based on real works of art. All sources will be referenced, showcasing the credibility of the information. In order to help the reader fully understand, any technical jargon will be explained and definitions will be provided.
  2. Authentic: One of my goals is to portray my personal interest in this topic, therefore I will write with full honesty and originality.
  3. Inspiring: With all these developments in the creative field, I want to demonstrate that we are not limited to pen and paper anymore. By writing about different (virtual) art forms, I hope to encourage readers to go out there and create something themselves.
  4. Diverse: Because the field of visual arts is so vast, the posts should show a lot of diversity. This also connects to the 3rd point (inspiring), so readers can be more aware of the different art forms that now exist.