Voice & Tone

Voice and Tone

Self-Confidence and Digital Media is a blog for readers to learn the effects digital media in particular, social media, has on women’s self confidence. This blog will be professional, engaging and filled with original thoughts.

As I create this blog, I will attempt to follow these three writing styles:


I will always make sure I am providing my readers with a lot of interesting blogs as well as ensuring I am using valid sources.


Although self-confidence is a serious topic, I will make sure blogs are lighthearted and intriguing. I want my readers to feel a sense of relaxation when looking at my content. Being humorous is the best way to create a great blog. I don’t want to bore people with a lot of information, therefore, providing them with an easy read is very important.


I will provide information from relevant sources whilst sharing my personal opinion and thoughts throughout each blog. My aim is to differentiate my blog from others.