Women and social media- The “Perfect” Feed

Women, especially young girls are expected to live up to an impossible standard. The idea of a “perfect life” has become extremely unrealistic over the last couple of years, all due to social media. The constant comparison between women is what affects their self-confidence on a daily basis. How can we prevent this though? Could women eventually accept themselves for who they are rather than attempt to be someone else? In a recent poll, by a charity called Girlguiding, 35% girls aged between 11-21 said their “biggest worry online was comparing themselves to others”. This is not unusual, as a lot of women unintentionally compare themselves to others when using social media networks.

Let’s take a look at good ol’ Instagram shall we? With Instagram being one of the most iconic social media applications to ever be introduced, it is inevitable women are going to LOVE it. What’s not to love about creating a feed filled with selfies, videos and other exciting content? Although Instagram allows freedom of expression, women hesitate when posting content. “Is it pretty/sexy enough?”, “Will I get enough likes?”, “What will my friends think of this?”. Social media is no longer about posting what YOU like,  instead it’s about posting what other people want to see.

Taken from an article on The Guardian, 22 year old Julia Peters says I have friends who lose confidence and delete photos”, unfortunately this is very common amongst the female “instagrammers”. On many occasions, women  believe the picture they posted is no longer good enough for their feed, after a certain amount of time. Perhaps they had a change of heart and wish to completely transform their posts, or they simply forgot to edit out a pimple on one of their selfies. Either one, it shouldn’t matter. Originally, the image was uploaded because YOU enjoyed it and struggled to find anything wrong with it, so why delete it? There is a very high chance that if it was left for more than 5 hours, the majority of your following has probably seen it already. 

I want to clarify, that there is absolutely nothing wrong in wishing to change up your social media. However, deciding to delete content due to insecurities and social pressure is not okay! No one is perfect and one’s feed will most definitely never be perfect. Women should be confident enough to share whatever they wish with the world, regardless of what it may be or how the rest of society perceives it. 

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