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Social Media: The Cause of The Mental Health Epidemic?

How are you feeling? – not a question many of us actually answer honestly and more and more people want to know why. Social media is awash with unattainable bodies and lives – so much so, even the people posting… Continue Reading →

The Perfect Day in the Life: A Daily Vlog Deconstruction

Happy New Year!!!   So in last weeks blog post, I talked about the problems caused by Daily Vloggers showing their “perfect lives” online and it got me thinking. I wanted to find out how difficult it would actually be… Continue Reading →

Why it is Time That the Daily Vlogger is Put to an End

Merry Christmas!! Most of us are probably familiar with the likes of the Daily Vlogger. If you’re not (then you’ve probably been living under a rock) let me quickly explain:


Welcome to the first ‘That’s My Opinion’ blog post! Over the next 5 weeks, I am excited to explore the digital impact on public opinions with you!  This week I want to ask… Does social media change the way we… Continue Reading →

YouTube- Manipulation through Money?

  Failed Youtube Conventions An addiction to Youtube can be a dangerous thing not only for your own sanity but also for your bank account. Being so dedicated to a specific Youtuber can end up with you losing your hard… Continue Reading →

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