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Info that might come across as Shocking

The gambling industry hasn’t stopped evolving since it begun. The use of online gambling has also rocketed the popularity of the industry. This infographic looks at some of the interesting facts and figures collected by the Gambling Commission, mostly focusing… Continue Reading →


In light to this thought, I created an infographic to show the innovations property owners or investors may implement into their home to maintain its value in an uncertain economy. 

Pros and Cons of Travelling In the Digital Age

As discussed throughout my previous blogs, the digital age is affecting the way we travel. Although it can be useful whilst travelling, it can also cause some problems. Here, I have created an infographic to highlight some positives and negatives… Continue Reading →

Create your own Music Festival

In the modern, technology driven, world there is little that one can’t achieve with the use of social media. Many people in fact, have used social media and no other form of advertising when promoting new products or events on… Continue Reading →

Infographic: Online Sales vs. Bricks and Mortar

This week check out the infographic to see the differences between sales made online versus shopping in-store! As we discussed the death of the high street in the future of retail post, this infographic provides visual insight on how it has occurred…. Continue Reading →

A Brief History of Fandom Part II (Infographic)

Part II: After the Internet Last week we looked at the history of fandom and some of the most well-known fandoms throughout history before the Internet came into play. This week, we’re examining the next stage of fan culture’s rich… Continue Reading →

A Brief History of Fandom Part I (Infographic)

Part I: Before the Internet To start Fantasia off with a bang, we thought giving a little history lesson would be in order. Whether you’ve been a part of fandoms for decades or are only learning the word “fandom” now,… Continue Reading →


Who is the Premier League’s best passer? 5STAR football takes a look at the stats and whittles it down to the top 5 players.

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