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Fan Entitlement in the Digital Age

Are Fans Ruining The Things They Love With Their Pickiness? Welcome back and happy new year! We hope the start of 2019 has found you in good spirits. Once again, Fantasia is back to explore another facet of fandom in… Continue Reading →

Fanfiction: The Good, The Bad, and the WattPad

How the digital age brought fanfiction into the mainstream Welcome back! It’s the last day of 2018, and here at Fantasia, we are incredibly excited for the new year to bring you even more content and discussion! For today, however,… Continue Reading →

Tumblr is Dead to Fandom?

How will Tumblr’s new guidelines affect fans online? Happy Christmas Eve to you all, or happy holidays, or maybe just happy Monday. It’s been exactly one week since Tumblr’s ban on porn (or ‘adult content’) came into effect and it… Continue Reading →

A Brief History of Fandom Part II (Infographic)

Part II: After the Internet Last week we looked at the history of fandom and some of the most well-known fandoms throughout history before the Internet came into play. This week, we’re examining the next stage of fan culture’s rich… Continue Reading →

A Brief History of Fandom Part I (Infographic)

Part I: Before the Internet To start Fantasia off with a bang, we thought giving a little history lesson would be in order. Whether you’ve been a part of fandoms for decades or are only learning the word “fandom” now,… Continue Reading →

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