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Can the Internet Nullify Islamophobia?

Social Media Improvements As mentioned in the last post, Twitter has made vast strides in making their platform a difficult place to promote terrorism. However, Facebook needs to make improvements. The main reason for this is because of an algorithm…. Continue Reading →

Bridging the Gap

Bridging the gap So far on this blog, the ways in which the internet and social media can disrupt social harmony has been in the spotlight. It’s true that the media people consume online can have a massive impact on… Continue Reading →

ME TOO – This is a Shift of Narrative

ME TOO – An update on the movement’s news today. #MeToo: the latest step in a centuries long political struggle for women to simply control our own bodies. Alyssa Milano wrote a post on Twitter: “Suggested by a friend: If all… Continue Reading →

ME TOO – The Expected Backlash

#MeToo has been referred to as; a watershed moment for future generations, the biggest feminist movement in history, a unique historical moment…whilst society is moulding to be a more equal and liberal place there are always critics and opposers, so… Continue Reading →

ME TOO – An Invite to the Biggest Movement in Feminist History

Yes, this is an invitation to the most ‘unique and eligible movement in history’. Everyone is welcome. Apparently; Men, women, boys and girls anyone who has ever endured sexual harassment or misconduct. Support has been widely offered in response to… Continue Reading →

ME TOO – LGBTQ+ Inclusive?

The movement openly invites ALL women to speak up without fear, but does this not make it particularly exclusive to cis-gender heterosexual women? What about LGBTQ+? A year down the line since the hashtag #MeToo soared the internet and every… Continue Reading →

The Wonderful Jamie Windust

Jamie and I talk about the original concept of the Me Too movement and how it has progressed through the industry. Jamie is an all round fabulous human being! Whilst being a brilliant role model to ALL Jamie is an award winning LGBTQIA+… Continue Reading →

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