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Five Ways to Learn How to Accept Our Online Selves

Social Media is both a blessing and a curse in our modern day lives. On one hand, we value its power to connect us to others on a global scale yet, on the other hand, we despise the way it… Continue Reading →

The Perfect Day in the Life: A Daily Vlog Deconstruction

Happy New Year!!!   So in last weeks blog post, I talked about the problems caused by Daily Vloggers showing their “perfect lives” online and it got me thinking. I wanted to find out how difficult it would actually be… Continue Reading →

Why it is Time That the Daily Vlogger is Put to an End

Merry Christmas!! Most of us are probably familiar with the likes of the Daily Vlogger. If you’re not (then you’ve probably been living under a rock) let me quickly explain:

Is the Phenomenon of Reality Television Ruining Our Self-Esteem?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word “reality” means the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them. If this were true, then why is every Reality Television star what society… Continue Reading →

The Proof That Instagram is a Lie

How many times a day do you go on to Instagram and see a photo of someone else’s seemingly “perfect” breakfast, holiday or a new car? How often do you wish that was your life? Upon reading an article by… Continue Reading →

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