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A Day in the life at

Throughout the months of June to August 2019, I have been employed as the position of the content and communications Intern at the charity Victoria’s Promise. Based in Hook, Victoria’s Promise has been established for 5 years, filling the critical… Continue Reading →

Can Digital Technology help the dying UK Political system?

Hello all! Happy New year! Now that everyone has recovered from the food-filled Christmas period and have made their ‘realistic and achievable’ New Year’s resolutions, it’s time to delve into and question the UK Political System

Fake News, Fake Politics. How to prepare yourself in the digital age

Hello, and welcome back! With Christmas being over and the new year approaching I thought it would be a great time to discuss fake news so that we can all start the new year prepared and ready to fight fake… Continue Reading →

Has Digital Media caused Politics to go wrong? Trump Edition

Hello all and welcome to another blog post! Another week, another dire topic- this week its Trump! Yay!

Has Digital Media caused Politics to go Wrong? Brexit Edition

Who’s to blame, Humans or Machines? Hello all and welcome to our first Blog post! I decided to start off the blog series around the topic how Digital Media is causing politics to go wrong in terms of Brexit- a… Continue Reading →

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