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7 Ways Technology Has Made Writing and Publishing Easier For Us

Writing has come a long way due to technology and we can easily take the simplest things for granted. We have literally gone from quills to keyboards and this posts highlights what digital impacts help us the most.

Taking The Simple Things For Granted: The Digital Impact On Books Visually

We’ve so far looked at how technology has allowed writers to self-publish, enter competitions and how eBooks have changed the way people read (or so we think). Today I am going to look at the digital impact of book visuals…. Continue Reading →

Are eBooks As Popular As We Think?

This infographic I created shows just a small amount of the research out there regarding eBooks. I chose these research examples as I think that they reveal some interesting facts about the consumption of eBooks. I hope you find it… Continue Reading →

My Top 5 Writing Competitions

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! My gift to you all this year is a new post all about the digital impact of writing competitions and how they could help you get your work out there.

Is Self-Publishing the Next Big Thing?

Self-publishing online is a way in which technology and the digital world has impacted how authors get recognised. This is important in showing traditional vs contemporary methods of publishing.

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