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Did Someone Say VR? A Creative and Interactive Way of Learning

Hello and Welcome to The World of Virtual Reality!   Yes, that’s right guys, we’re diving in deep and exploring the ways VR is used within Higher Education. As you may have already learnt from reading my previous blog post: ‘How Universities are Getting Down… Continue Reading →

Can the Internet Nullify Islamophobia?

Social Media Improvements As mentioned in the last post, Twitter has made vast strides in making their platform a difficult place to promote terrorism. However, Facebook needs to make improvements. The main reason for this is because of an algorithm…. Continue Reading →

Bridging the Gap

Bridging the gap So far on this blog, the ways in which the internet and social media can disrupt social harmony has been in the spotlight. It’s true that the media people consume online can have a massive impact on… Continue Reading →

Internet Savvy Extremists

Internet Savvy Extremists Similarly to how the EDL grew, extremist terrorist organisations are utilising social media platforms to spread propaganda and create global disharmony. The internet is used by both groups to incite hatred. Videos of Beheadings In a 2015… Continue Reading →

The Islamophobic EDL

The EDL The EDL – English Defence League – was formed in Luton in 2009, and Tommy Robinson was identified as the de facto leader. It’s a far-right organisation that was initially formed in response to a protest by Islamist groups against… Continue Reading →

Voice and Tone

This post will be outlining some rules, about voice and tone, that I will be sticking to throughout this blog. I intend to keep up a professional register, but also throw in some colloquial or informal phrases – to make… Continue Reading →

The Future Of Retail

Hey guys! I hope 2019 is treating you nicely so far! This week’s post is about the future of retail and fashion industries.  In previous posts, I’ve discussed the damage that has been done due to the digital culture. Now… Continue Reading →

YouTube Made Me Buy It

I have designed this infographic based on my own experiences and those of my friends. What I am trying to show is how many products YouTubers and social media influencers in general have made me buy and how much power… Continue Reading →

Have we lost the way to woo?

As I was daydreaming the other day like I normally do, I began thinking of a Tinder story that a friend had experienced and I noticed that her and many other people were referring to Tinder as a ‘hookup’ dating… Continue Reading →

The 1975: ‘A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships’

First, disobey; then look at your phones. This is the first sentence from The 1975’s recent manifesto which accompanies their third album ‘A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships’, released in 2018. The album, as titled, depicts on the entire millennial… Continue Reading →

The Future is Vegan?

On the Rise: We know that Veganism is on the rise with the number of vegans having drastically increased within in recent years, throughout discussing various topics throughout my blog post it all comes down to how the internet has… Continue Reading →

Beauty: An Online Bonanza

“Bonanza” noun UK /bəˈnæn.zə/ US /bəˈnæn.zə/ – a situation from which large profits are made or a large amount of something good (Cambridge Dictionary https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/bonanza). By beauty having such a strong, increasing presence online, sales of cosmetics are growing even… Continue Reading →

Do it for the gram !

Veganism is on the rise so much so that it has become trendy over the recent years, almost sounding quite the cliché when declaring yourself as Vegan. I often get the odd eye roll as if people are just tired… Continue Reading →

Analog esthetic: Why does analogue still popular in a digital world?

In digital society, the existence of cameras is now a very important device for people. In fact, there were already cell phones with built-in cameras even before smartphones were introduced, but now the camera has gone beyond the function of… Continue Reading →

Why becoming vegan should NOT be a Pledge of perfection

For a lot of people, becoming vegan stems from the intention to do good. However, in this day and age with the growth of the internet and social comparison over social media sites, I question If we have become unable… Continue Reading →

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