Why is Representation important?

Television shows have become part of our daily lives. This makes what these TV shows consist of quite important.

That’s why it’s only logical the world of television reflects the real world accurately. So, isn’t it shocking that women only take up 40% of speaking roles in television? Which really doesn’t make sense if you think about how there’s basically an equal amount of men and women in this world. It makes more sense when you find out 91% of TV shows across platforms employed no women directors. 76% had no women creators and 71% no female writers. It’s laughable in a kind of ‘laugh so you don’t cry’ kind of way. So it makes sense that when you don’t see yourself in any of the characters you see daily… You begin to feel insignificant.

Obviously, I’m only talking about humanoid characters, I’m not saying you’re going to have a mental breakdown if you don’t see yourself in a giant floating head from Rick and Morty.

There’s this body of research and a term known as ‘symbolic annihilation,’ which is the idea that if you don’t see people like you in the media you consume, you must somehow be unimportant

-Nicole Martins of Indiana University



How Representation Affects its Audience 

I’ll admit it – I’ve always been a romantic – a cheesy romantic.

I blame Troy Bolton for some of that, he made me look for someone who would climb up a questionably unstable vine on the side of a house and up to Gabriella’s bedroom, presenting her with chocolate covered strawberries – think the food aspect drew me in too much as well.

This was romance to me, and to some extent it still is – ok, I’ll let them go through the front door now as long as they give me the food. But on a serious note, traditional romance has always won me over, from watching romance films, to seeing old couples walking hand-in-hand, this was where dating should lead to.

heart drawn on beach with sunset - linked with transition to online dating blog post

So why has it all had to change to swiping left or right? Where has the romance gone? I know I sound like your parents but I think that if online dating wasn’t as popular as it is, maybe more people would agree? But that’s the thing – it is popular, in fact;

 “a new survey conducted by psychologists in the US at the University of Rochester, found that online dating is the second most common way of starting a relationship – after meeting through friends.”