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Do Relationships Live Online?

In a world where communication is mediated by screens, can we ever truly find intimacy in the digital world?

“How social media can make History”

“How social media can make history.” Clay Shirky is a teacher/consultant on the social and economic effects of internet technologies and journalism. He once spoke about how the internet will “make history” and he was right in one way or… Continue Reading →

Digitisation of the Gaming World

The technological changes that society has gone through in the past 20 years have meant that all aspects of entertainment are constantly evolving to offer customers a higher quality experience for their money. This digital surge has revolutionised the way… Continue Reading →

Thanks to Frank

  It was the last 16 -knockout stage of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, England were trailing 2-1 in Johannesburg to historical rivals Germany in the 39th minute, the ball dropped to Frank Lampard who spectacularly lifted the ball… Continue Reading →

The Future of Online Dating

Image source: https://www.maxpixel.net/Brain-Control-Artificial-Intelligence-Think-3382507 Online dating is an industry in which millions of people indulge themselves in on a day to day basis, so you would think that the owners of the biggest online dating sites would sit back happily gain more… Continue Reading →

The Dawn of The Dating Apocalypse

In the past 5 years, dating apps have played a significant part in the way we meet people and engage with potential partners.  But does this mean that relationships have been comprised due to our online habits? Can people ever find… Continue Reading →

Infographic showing the social media statistics

Infographic Hey everyone hope everyone is doing well. Hope you have enjoyed reading my blog so far and hope you enjoy reading this post. Just like people, every social medium has its own statistics.  So how do you know what… Continue Reading →


Depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. It affects how you feel, think and behave and can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems. You tend to find it… Continue Reading →

The Social Media Stars

Hello all, I hope you’re all well and training hard! The internet and social media have opened a new gate way for people to become who they want to be. That can range from being the top streamer on Twitch… Continue Reading →

Are we being fake?

Image source: two pictures from Pexels Do you ever just find your eyes procrastinating on social media? Looking at someones social media and you’re thinking about how they always look happy or everything is going well in their life? Well… Continue Reading →

Dating Apps: The Ugly Truth

  Dating apps seem to be satisfying all our needs when it comes to convenience and reliability. At any time of day, we can access them and talk to potential partners and receive instant gratification. However do we really know… Continue Reading →

Welcome to my blog ‘Gym 2 day!’

Hello! Welcome to my blog Gym2Day.   Throughout this Blog I’ll be introducing how the fitness industry has become so popular due to the usage of Social Media and Technology. In today’s day and age, it becomes obvious that social… Continue Reading →

Are divorce rates being affected?

I have decided to make an audio post for this week Make sure to keep up to date with my Twitter page and tell me what you think.

Dating and the Tinder Effect

Jessica Massa wrote in 2013 that “traditional dating as we know it is dead”. To define the term “date” in the modern day as a candle-lit dinner seems as obsolete as dial-up Internet. Nowadays people connect through digital dating apps and… Continue Reading →

Are Dating Apps Time Wasting or Actually Successful?

Image source: https://pixabay.com/en/man-woman-love-dating-email-949058/ Asking someone whether dating apps are successful or wasteful sounds quite ridiculous really, as most people will come back with the obvious answer which is that it is “successful” or “it is the easiest way to meet people”,… Continue Reading →


Image source: 3 photos from Pexels edited together The Oxford dictionary describes ‘Catfishing’ as: “luring (someone) into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona” and this is something which has increased with online dating. Not only is this… Continue Reading →


Facebook being one of the original uses of social media with 42 million people using it in the UK alone, is great for making connections, you make new friends, you can even speak to people you haven’t spoken to in… Continue Reading →


Instagram is definitely a big topic of conversation when it comes to the digital impact on relationships. A whopping estimate of 24 million people in the UK use Instagram, overall this is 42% of the UK’s population which if I… Continue Reading →


As of late 2018 the number of people that use snapchat in the UK was 16.2 million. Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps, especially in the younger generation. Snapchat used to mean that you could take… Continue Reading →


This post I believe is a bit more positive than my first post when it comes to the impact it has on young people’s relationships. FaceTime was released in 2010 and is an Audio/Video calling service that was created by… Continue Reading →


In my first post I am going to be tackling the impact that tinder has on relationships in modern society. Many of you will be familiar with tinder, whether you’re currently using it, previously used it, know someone using it… Continue Reading →

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