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Women are rewriting the rules of social media

Who says women can’t make their own rules when using social media? It’s 2019 and it’s time to make a stand! No more hesitations and overthinking. Something I’ve learnt over the years is to never question whether or not to post on… Continue Reading →

The Evolution of Video Gaming Platforms

If you are interested in learning how much video gaming consoles have changed in the past 40 years then please click the video down below:

Digital Media boosting women’s self-esteem – “Blogging”

Creating a blog can help boost women’s self-esteem. Let’s take a look at blogging for example, nowadays there are loads of successful empowering female bloggers who’s work inspire women across the world. One of the most successful bloggers and writers of 2018 is The… Continue Reading →

Record daily life : Vlog

Vlog is a combination word of video and blog. Vlog refers to content that captures one’s daily life in a video unlike in the past, which was recorded in a text or photo. Nowadays, Z Generation is crazy about V-logging…. Continue Reading →

Selfie-Esteem “The Kardashian Effect”

How incredible do you feel after you’ve taken a great selfie? I’m sure we can all relate that, when we look really good we want to share it with the world. Social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat have become embedded in… Continue Reading →

The Future of Festivals

Im not sure about you but when I see posts online about music festivals I get so excited! The thought of downing a dark fruit with your best friends in a field. Dancing the night away. Really is getting me… Continue Reading →

VAR’d for Life

In the summer of 2018 all of football’s global stars were on show as the World Cup took to the stadia of Russia. For the first time Video Assistant Refereeing was being operated on the global stage. For every fixture… Continue Reading →

Women and social media- The “Perfect” Feed

Women, especially young girls are expected to live up to an impossible standard. The idea of a “perfect life” has become extremely unrealistic over the last couple of years, all due to social media. The constant comparison between women is… Continue Reading →

Why Do We Watch Others Game?

The internet has had massive implications on the variety of ways we can interact with the gaming world. Every day people are now able to make a living off playing video games and sharing their content with their subscribers through… Continue Reading →


Here is a video of my thoughts on the outcome of the blog! I do not feel one’s age or gender affects their mental health. I feel it is down to social and lifestyle factors. Its been shown women are… Continue Reading →


Film is one of the main consumptions in media. How characters are chosen to be portrayed affects how the audience view and connect with them. Until very recentley it was hard to notice if a character in a film was… Continue Reading →

Welcome to my brand new blog!

Welcome to my brand new blog! Welcome to my blogging site. If you can’t already tell the major theme of my blog will be based around the impact of Social Media on the digital world.

Effect of social media on our society

The effect of social media on our society: Hey guys! It’s me again back with another post all about the effect of social media on our society. This week I will be talking about the effect of social media and… Continue Reading →

Kicking Racism Out Of Football

How Do Video Games Influence Our Health?

There is no better feeling than the anticipation you have towards buying a new game which you have had to wait for months to be released. When that day finally comes, and you can play it for the first time… Continue Reading →

Social Media impact on advertising

Hey Everyone!  Hope everyone had a well deserved Christmas break and a great new year.  Let’s welcome the new year of 2019! The new year has started.  Reality is kicking back.  People have started to go back to work and… Continue Reading →


The four descriptors adopted for the voice/tone of my blog are: Relatable Sardonic Journalistic Humorous I intend on using an approach within my blog which will keep people reading as the topic of relationships within blogs are very popular and… Continue Reading →

Wearable Gadgets and Apps

Wearable gadgets and Apps. The digital impact on the fitness industry is probably the most efficient by the gadgets people use and connecting their phones to applications. This technological advancement is a big game changer in the fitness industry, you… Continue Reading →

Tinder: A Love Story

Over the past five weeks, we’ve looked at the reality of dating apps and how they compare to traditional dating. Undeniably dating has changed and love in the digital and modern age is a complex idea.  Although it is impossible… Continue Reading →

So, what can we get from online?

What can you exactly buy online? There are thousands if not millions of products you can buy online. That can range from supplements, clothing, accessories and fitness/nutrition plans. The web has created a chance for thousands of gym/supplement brands to… Continue Reading →

Mobilisation of Gaming

Streaming services are growing in popularity at an alarming rate in every industry, the ability to access a digital form of media has never been as easy. This can also be applied with video games as people are now more… Continue Reading →

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