Ok, so if you have followed me on here for a while you will know that I have been trying to find out more information about the Digital Impact on Dating from my perspective of an online dating skeptic.

Along the way I have found out some astonishing facts; whether that be about the growth of online dating, the data and algorithms that go on behind the scenes or how the meaning of dating has changed.

So what better way to reflect on these findings than thinking about the future of online dating? It has already been proven how society’s opinions can change when there was a large jump in the percentage of people who believed that online dating was an acceptable way of meeting someone, so how could things change again?

Are Fans Ruining The Things They Love With Their Pickiness?

Welcome back and happy new year! We hope the start of 2019 has found you in good spirits. Once again, Fantasia is back to explore another facet of fandom in the digital age. This time it’s something that younger generations are accused of on the regular: entitlement. Looking specifically at fans, and fan culture (mainly media fandom), we will be looking at what fan entitlement is, some examples in history, and discussing the impact of the internet on fan entitlement.