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In light to this thought, I created an infographic to show the innovations property owners or investors may implement into their home to maintain its value in an uncertain economy. 

Today and the Future

Welcome back guys! Sorry for the week long gap, sometimes you go out of town and forget your laptop at home (oops) so I moved this post back a week. This post is looking at the body positivity world today… Continue Reading →


    WARNING… THIS IS A SPECIAL BLOG POST!   Mental health is a worldwide growing phenomenon that has hit hard in recent years. With the climax of media, whether social media on your phone or televised shows on the… Continue Reading →

Where Next?

There have been so many changes in photography in recent years it is hard to predict what more changes there are to come. Could the developments we have seen have been predicted? Or are we stumbling blind into the next… Continue Reading →

Youtuber’s & Social Media Influencers

Right, let’s talk more about the positive and negatives about Social Media influencers/Youtubers! Globally there are thousands.. If not millions of instafamous women who promote clothes, brands, fitness… the list is endless. Lets focus on GraceFitUK for example, as previously… Continue Reading →

More into fitness…

Fitness. A bit of a taboo in today’s generation. Being ‘fit’ doesn’t necessarily mean having the biggest bum or a 6 pack, if you start a fitness journey with overly high expectations then you won’t ever be truly happy with… Continue Reading →

A Brief History of the Travel and Tourism Industry

Travel has become an innate part of our human existence. We desire to experience unfamiliar lands filled with rich cultures and languages. Centuries ago, leaving the confines of your home boasted financial power by the wealthiest. Fast-forward to the 21… Continue Reading →

Podcast: Reviewing the Amazon dash button.

A review on The Amazon Dash Button. If you have a few minutes to listen to my podcast please do. Let me know what you think about it in the comment section below. Amazon prime link

Social Media in Music

Social media. Whether it’s scrolling through Facebook, posting memes on Twitter, taking selfies on Instagram or sending funny pics with your friends on Snapchat, all of us participate in using social media of some form. In this day and age,… Continue Reading →

Are good movie plots a thing of the past?


Essentially, the Blockchain is a public record of online transactions. These transactions are tied together and distributed across a network of people that ultimately decide if the transactions are valid. This system was developed by the unrevealed person or group of people that go by the name “Satoshi Nakamoto”. 


  The News is huge. Its one of the worlds most popular companies standing as the 3rd largest global entertainment group in the world. The news cover a wide variety of content however in recent years, shootings have come into the… Continue Reading →

The House Always Wins

The associations with Gambling are usually known to be negative, but surely there must be some positives of such a colossal industry? There is. It isn’t just the bookie makers who financially prosper from the industry, the economy does too. … Continue Reading →

Digital Impact on Post Production

Today it’s time for me to delve a little deeper into the digital impact on post production, and photo printing. To most people ‘post-production’ probably consists of adding a filter on a photo before posting to Instagram, or perhaps at… Continue Reading →

7 Ways Technology Has Made Writing and Publishing Easier For Us

Writing has come a long way due to technology and we can easily take the simplest things for granted. We have literally gone from quills to keyboards and this posts highlights what digital impacts help us the most.

My Top 5 Benefits of Online Dating

This week I’m going to be looking at this whole ‘online dating’ era from a slightly different perspective. If you’ve read my ‘about’ page you will have seen I’ve promised to look at both the negatives (something I have definitely… Continue Reading →

Video Games and Crime

So last week’s post was our first look into the more serious impacts video games have on society, but this week we’re going to take that a step further. Videos games were made with the intention of bringing joy, happiness… Continue Reading →

Online reviews impact on restaurants. Boy who cried ‘Yelp’.

Planning a night out can be so easy these days. Even when it is your first time in a foreign country you can decide where to eat, where to drink and how to get there without leaving your bed. After… Continue Reading →

Train Like the Pros

Previous posts looked at how technology has changed for amateur athletes, but what about the pros? Technology has definitely innovated a new way of training for top athletes. However, this has definitely caused controversy in competitive sports. As a result,… Continue Reading →

The Influence of Streaming Platforms


  Media productions involving TV and Film are the world’s largest distributors of media. Whether that’s the fight between the cinema or TV screenings, it’s bound to be that you, reading this right now, have watched one or the other…. Continue Reading →

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