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Saracen media; A day in the life.

Throughout July and August of 2019, I was employed by Saracen media as a marketing intern for a few weeks. Saracen media is part of a global agency known as the Omnicom Group (OMD), they are a specialist media agency that… Continue Reading →

Placement at West London Motors

Back in July I had the incredible opportunity to work for a small, family run second hand car dealership. I spent a month working in their online and digital marketing department and this is my experience: A Day in the… Continue Reading →

Behind The Camera.

Come rain or shine, DE Photo stops at nothing to capture the moments that will last forever. Unlike many other industries, two days are never the same when it comes to event photography and being prepared for every challenge is… Continue Reading →


Are you interested in PR? Content Writing? Videography? Oh, you are… great!   Luckily today is the day I have decided to post about my experience with all these and more! Just keep reading to find out the REAL ins… Continue Reading →

A Day in the Life of a Communications and Marketing Assistant at Atlantic Speaker Bureau

For my summer placement, I had the opportunity to work as a Communications and Marketing Assistant for Atlantic Speaker Bureau – a talent agency that provides inspiring and experienced keynote speakers for events in the UK and abroad. In this… Continue Reading →


Digital technology has affected music in a multitude of ways, some of these ways can be seen in my other four blog posts, such as the influence of social media and streaming platforms. Another way in which the rise of… Continue Reading →

How social media channels can help travel agencies generate more revenue

Social Media is a digital gold mine for marketers. According to Wearesocial.com  there are over 4 billion global users of the Internet in 2018. With over 3 billion people on social media sites as you learned in how to optimize for… Continue Reading →

Tips and Tricks

  Hey Everyone! Hope you’re all doing well… on that note, I wanted to give you all some tips and tricks for staying positive! It is super important to keep all of these tips in mind when going on your… Continue Reading →

Video Games and their Influence on Society

The popularity of video games has dramatically increased in recent years and in turn so has its influence on society. When you look back at ‘old school’ consoles such as the GameCube and Sega Megadrive in comparison to modern consoles… Continue Reading →

Info that might come across as Shocking

The gambling industry hasn’t stopped evolving since it begun. The use of online gambling has also rocketed the popularity of the industry. This infographic looks at some of the interesting facts and figures collected by the Gambling Commission, mostly focusing… Continue Reading →


The property market is divided. There are those in favour of change as technology develops, and there are those that prefer the traditional paperwork, pen, and paper. Neither outlook is wrong, as the future remains uncertain. After all, everyone needs a home. 


How to optimize for success

Ultimately, optimizing comes down to how well you can leverage digital technologies. In this blog post we will be exploring how travel agents can use affiliated and influential marketing to succeed.    Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning… Continue Reading →

Lonely Planet Guides: The Video

  About Lonely Planet: Lonely planet was founded by a couple who travelled through Asia in 1972, promopting them to publish their first guidebook called ‘Across Asia on the Cheap’. Time went on and the company ‘Lonely Planet’ gradually worked… Continue Reading →

Why is it now easier to become a filmmaker than ever before?

Thanks to cheaper equipment, social media, higher quality technology and more support and availability, it now easier than ever before to become a filmmaker. If we jump back 30 years the only way you would be considered to make a… Continue Reading →

How digitilization has helped improve travel agencies

How digitalization has helped improved travel agencies   For traditional travel agents it is either get online and face the frenzy or get left behind. The Information Age proves to be advantageous to the travel agent in communicating and strengthening… Continue Reading →

Podcast: A Chat With James Moss

Over the last few weeks I’ve been providing you with information from different sources, as well as a lot of my own opinion (sorry… I couldn’t help myself). So, this week, I thought I’d change it up a bit and provide… Continue Reading →

Digitalising Love? The Verdict’s In

They say that love happens when you least expect it. The element of fate and chance have embodied fairytales for years, bur ever since the explosion of online dating the art of seeking love rather than it finding you has become… Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Guide to Fitness on Television

Welcome to the ULTIMATE guide to fitness on TV! From reality stars… like Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby to The Apprentice 2018 winner Camilla Ainsworth, everyone is really getting into having/wanting a more healthy lifestyle and we are here for it!… Continue Reading →

Genre and How Music is Made

Technology has changed music culture in its entirety, from how you purchase music, how you listen to music and how you find out about music. These are the obvious things that digital technology has had an effect on, however, another… Continue Reading →

The impact of digitalization on the travel sector

To say the growth of tourism and travel industry has been exponential is an understatement. According to the International Travel Agency its estimates that the number of Air Travel passengers will be 7.2 billion in 2035. How has technology changed the… Continue Reading →

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