Social Media is a digital gold mine for marketers. According to  there are over 4 billion global users of the Internet in 2018. With over 3 billion people on social media sites as you learned in how to optimize for success . This is greater than the two most populous countries, China and India combined. The fact is that social media is constantly growing. Travel marketers can use visual and textual techniques to pick the mind of their target audience. But to their target audience they are perceived as one of thousands of likeminded businesses.

How can you ultimately stand out?

In a Guardian article that discusses the short attention span of social media users.  ” A connection was made between social media and attention by British Neurologist, Lady Greenfield because social networking allows for “instant gratification”. We are a now society that strives for next big thing. We do not appreciate the value of things when they are here. Take if I was to buy a new iPhone and Apple start to promote an upcoming smartphone with new features. I would immediately start to anticipate what is it come. Devaluing what I already have. 

How digitalization has helped improved travel agencies


For traditional travel agents it is either get online and face the frenzy or get left behind. The Information Age proves to be advantageous to the travel agent in communicating and strengthening clientele relationships. But like a flip side of a coin it can be a burden. Destination goers continue to challenge travel agencies by seeking their own routes through online booking giants AirBNB.