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Depression is growing in our society When low mood or depression occurs it’s natural to look for a cause. However reasons for depression still challenge doctors. Therefore although some believe doctors believe its caused by physical changes in the brain,… Continue Reading →


How it feels Do you suffer from anxiety? Do you feel like you are drowning?………… Your existence is submerged in water. You’re gasping for oxygen but no one can hear you. Unaware and disinterested in the fact that you are… Continue Reading →


Addiction comes in many forms Addiction comes in many forms. I’ve chosen to focus on those that have grown alongside the internet. These are Social Networking, Internet Porn and On-line Gaming addictions. Young people especially are known to suffer more… Continue Reading →


Suicide – The Sad Reality Most people are not aware of the extent of suicide within our society. However, take a look at the statistics in the diagram below. The problem For many people, understanding why somebody could ever consider… Continue Reading →

Mental Health – Introduction to my blog

My Mental Health Story I’m sure you already realised, my blog is all about mental health . I’ve been suffering with anxiety and other mental health challenges for the last 4 years, since I was 15 years old. I thought… Continue Reading →

My Top 5 Apps To Mend The Mind

Our minds can be manic sometimes. Having your mind whirring with thoughts causing sleep deprivation. Or, feelings of anxiety and worry can be preventing you from living life to the fullest.  Feeling stifled from just jumping into life head-first, and… Continue Reading →


I have lately become aware of how the feeling of contentment is actually quite rare; despite it being what we all strive for.  It makes me wonder whether this idea of ‘contentment’ sitting somewhere in the future, is in fact… Continue Reading →

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