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How do we make the media more inclusive?

During the summer, I worked at The Athlete Media Group, an online platform that looks to tell the stories of under-represented athletes in an authentic and honest manner. Through interviewing and writing the stories of the athletes, rather than focus… Continue Reading →

A day in the life of working with Hello magazine

Every morning at precisely 9:00 am I smile at the security guard as I enter The Times of India building in Mumbai. On the way to the office my senses are exposed to aggressive rains, the sound of the cars… Continue Reading →

Placement Blog Post

A ‘Day In The Life’ at North American Vacation Homes My day would typically start at 8:50AM, I always liked to arrive slightly earlier to ensure that I was ready for the day ahead (computer was working, my notes were… Continue Reading →

Using Video to reinvent Education

Interview with a University Professor

Apps on Education

The Pro’s & Con’s of E-learning

Say Bye Bye to Teachers!

A Sweetened Approach to Sexism: The Celebrity Feminist

Sexism within the entertainment industry is a notorious tale as old as time. Whilst stories of sexual assault and harassment are beginning to spill out of the seams of all industries, the actions of the stars on our screens are… Continue Reading →


Welcome Back! For the final post, I thought I would do a podcast. I wanted to see out of all of the issues that I have discussed, what you found the most identifiable. Have a listen and see if you… Continue Reading →

#MeToo: The Breakdown

Since October 2017, #MeToo has featured on the feeds of millions of us across the globe. The movement has sparked debates internationally involving a variety of notable figures and celebrities in its fight to end sexual violence and provide support… Continue Reading →

Fan Media: How YouTube has given Premier League fans a voice.

Forget the famous Match of the Day studio. Fan media channels are providing raw and direct content made for the fans, by the fans. They have changed the dynamic of football analysis giving power to the everyday fan straight outside… Continue Reading →

Keeping Up With The Kids – Stay Connected Whilst Travelling

Here are a few ways to communicate, even if you are thousands of miles away. #KUWTK For so many of us, travelling marks the end of our childhood and the beginning of adulthood (yikes). Travelling to the airport with our… Continue Reading →

The Fourth Wave Feminist: Activist or Slactivist?

The shape of the feminist movement is changing. Diminishing are the days where social change lied within hands armed with picket signs, ignited bras and megaphones. Yet, the opportunities to challenge social injustice still remain at our fingertips. For the… Continue Reading →

The Rise of the Influencers

Hello and welcome back to TMO! As I discussed in last week’s post, social media has a profound impact on mental health. In this week’s post, I want to focus on the rise of social media influencers, and the impact… Continue Reading →

Character Creation is No Longer a Chore!

If you’re a new player to D&D, the character creation stage can be a complicated. But thanks to the many tools online it’s now a breeze! I’ve spoken about what resources DM’s have to create a their stories. But what… Continue Reading →

Create your own Music Festival

In the modern, technology driven, world there is little that one can’t achieve with the use of social media. Many people in fact, have used social media and no other form of advertising when promoting new products or events on… Continue Reading →

Podcast – Social Media and Travel

Here is a chatty and informal video for you. In this video, I will explore types of social media platforms and will discuss how they are used by the travel industry.  Video Outline & Key Topics Instagram Instagram is one of… Continue Reading →

A Look into the New Year

What the makeup industry has in store for us in 2019 About inclusive makeup and the most exciting launches of the new year Heading into the new year, we can expect a number of new releases from makeup brands with… Continue Reading →

Streaming sites set to change the way we watch the Premier League.

For years Sky and BT have been the dominant broadcasters for the Premier League. Their live coverage has been the only worthwhile tele to watch on weekends. Not to mention Monday nights too, where Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher’s bickering… Continue Reading →

Social Media: The Cause of The Mental Health Epidemic?

How are you feeling? – not a question many of us actually answer honestly and more and more people want to know why. Social media is awash with unattainable bodies and lives – so much so, even the people posting… Continue Reading →

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