Forget the famous Match of the Day studio. Fan media channels are providing raw and direct content made for the fans, by the fans. They have changed the dynamic of football analysis giving power to the everyday fan straight outside the stadium.

Fan media is a topic that could not divide opinion any more if it wanted to. It’s the marmite of the football world. Dive in as I look at AFTV and other fan channels.

Hello and welcome back to TMO! As I discussed in last week’s post, social media has a profound impact on mental health. In this week’s post, I want to focus on the rise of social media influencers, and the impact they have had on mental health.

The impact and pressure for ‘perfection’ is everywhere. Apps to nip and tuck our appearance, apps to get more followers and likes. People will go to extremes to be popular and the envy of others. Whilst usually inside they’re struggling.

What the makeup industry has in store for us in 2019

About inclusive makeup and the most exciting launches of the new year

Heading into the new year, we can expect a number of new releases from makeup brands with brand new products. Concealers, Foundations, Eyeshadow palettes… the list goes on and on. Some brands announced or launched their products in late 2018, to start of the new year. Here’s a list of the products and brands that are actually worth talking about. 

How are you feeling? – not a question many of us actually answer honestly and more and more people want to know why.

Social media is awash with unattainable bodies and lives – so much so, even the people posting it can’t achieve it either. The gap between reality and social media is ever growing, and it is something that more people are coming to realise.

As well as the growth of social media, there has also become the growth of something a bit more sinister. Mental health issues. In this blog post I want to explore the digital impact on our mental health and how social media plays a role in the mental health crisis our world is facing.