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Case Study: ACME Whistle Netball Outreach Campaign

During my time with the SEO team at Attain Design, I worked on a range of different projects to improve clients SEO rankings through both on-page and off-page content. Personally, one of my favourite projects to work on was the… Continue Reading →

ME TOO – This is a Shift of Narrative

ME TOO – An update on the movement’s news today. #MeToo: the latest step in a centuries long political struggle for women to simply control our own bodies. Alyssa Milano wrote a post on Twitter: “Suggested by a friend: If all… Continue Reading →

The Digital Impact on Diversity.

If you would have shown me The Tess Holiday Cosmopolitan Cover when I was 8, I wouldn’t have believed it was real. As a child, I was picked on for having a twitch, funny teeth and was riddled with self-loathing…. Continue Reading →

Podcast: How Has The Digital Age Changed Our Hobbies?

The creator of Avobreak, Ashleigh and her close friend, Tegan talk about their current hobbies, New Years resolutions, as well as looking into whether social media is a hobby!

ME TOO – The Expected Backlash

#MeToo has been referred to as; a watershed moment for future generations, the biggest feminist movement in history, a unique historical moment…whilst society is moulding to be a more equal and liberal place there are always critics and opposers, so… Continue Reading →

The future of online communication – how will technology & social media change?

The future of social media and technology will be looked at in this post. As these platforms have become such a big part of our society, it is exciting/scary to see how important it becomes in our daily lives. Through… Continue Reading →

Has Social Media changed Politics?

HOW HAS SOCIAL MEDIA CHANGED POLITICS FOR THE GOOD? The use of Social Media sites such as Twitter, Youtube and Facebook have dramatically changed politics. This is due to the way campaigns are run and how politicians react through these sites. The… Continue Reading →

Sports And Fitness: The Benefits And Drawbacks Of The Internet

Looking into how the internet has benefitted sports and active hobbies. From keeping fit from home via YouTube and finding new sports! But is there a Downside? Keep reading to find out!

Cyberbullying – what is it & why does it happen?

PODCAST “Cyberbully is the use when a person uses an electronic piece of communication to bully a person. Typically being intimidating, harsh or threatening comments.” In todays day and age, cyberbullying has turned into a social norm. It has become… Continue Reading →

ME TOO – An Invite to the Biggest Movement in Feminist History

Yes, this is an invitation to the most ‘unique and eligible movement in history’. Everyone is welcome. Apparently; Men, women, boys and girls anyone who has ever endured sexual harassment or misconduct. Support has been widely offered in response to… Continue Reading →

How is social media affecting our confidence?

“UNFOLLOW ALL SOCIAL MEDIA SITES THAT RUINS YOUR CONFIDENCE” Social media is the first thing the young generation look at in the morning and the last thing before they go to bed. With body confidence being such an issue in… Continue Reading →

15 Ways to Hate Yourself Less

It’s that time of year in which we indulge heavily in booze and bacon wrapped sausages. I for one, take Christmas festivities to the extreme. And it wouldn’t be Christmas without a passive aggressive comment from a family member that… Continue Reading →

Has The Internet Changed How We Bake?

Looking into how the internet may have impacted how we discover new recipes and how we enjoy baking as a hobby. Includes a Gingerbread cupcake recipe!

ME TOO – LGBTQ+ Inclusive?

The movement openly invites ALL women to speak up without fear, but does this not make it particularly exclusive to cis-gender heterosexual women? What about LGBTQ+? A year down the line since the hashtag #MeToo soared the internet and every… Continue Reading →

Social Media, where did it begin?

“SO-CIAL ME-DI-A” A term to describe the current state of the Internet and the place where the consumers attention is. Social media has become a massive part of our lives over the last two decades. We are now able to… Continue Reading →

FaceTune: Harmless or Toxic?

Facetune is an app that has made the deceptive digital modification, not just a tool used by magazine editors. It’s given the power of ‘perfection’ to the people. Now it is used by EVERYONE from your favourite beauty Gurus and… Continue Reading →

The Wonderful Jamie Windust

Jamie and I talk about the original concept of the Me Too movement and how it has progressed through the industry. Jamie is an all round fabulous human being! Whilst being a brilliant role model to ALL Jamie is an award winning LGBTQIA+… Continue Reading →

How The Digital Age Has Impacted Music As An Industry And A Hobby

How the digital age has impacted music as an industry and a hobby. Looking into the effects of streaming sites such as Spotify and how the internet has changed how we learn to play instruments. 

How Has Make Up Changed Since The Rise Of The Internet?

How the internet and the rise of YouTube has changed how people do makeup and changed the perceptions of boys using and experimenting with make-up.

The Killer Kardashian ‘Kraze’

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Hope you’re all well! i’ve got something a bit different for you all this week. I sat down for a really nice chat with Maike Meyer (@Fitnessfreakco1 )  and Becca Heath (@digitallyperfct)   It was really insightful and great as always… Continue Reading →

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