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Streetwear and Tear: Podcast

How did streetwear even start? Who even created streetwear? Is the term ‘streetwear’ dying out and will we lose ‘underground’ brands forever? Listen to our first ever podcast discussing streetwear in all its glory (and misfortunes)! The digital landscape has… Continue Reading →

Come Forth: The 4th Wave of Streetwear

The ‘4th wave’ of streetwear fashion and culture is imminent, and we may even already be there. Bobby Hundreds, founder and creative director of The Hundreds, believes that streetwear has already lived, died, and resurrected through three waves. This idea that streetwear is… Continue Reading →

YouTube- Body confidence

Throughout my blog and podcast I have focused on many of the negatives of Youtube and the significant impact it has had on the digital world. However I don’t want to be too cynical! There are many positives to discuss… Continue Reading →

Tackie Kultuur: South African Sneakerheads

South Africa is known for it’s scintillating safaris, basking in brilliant beaches and… sneakers!?! For the entirety of Western culture, the streetwear scene has been digitized and migrated online. Every major city involved in streetwear culture, most notably; Los Angeles,… Continue Reading →

YouTube- The fake reality

Here’s a different question for you… Have you seen the Netflix TV series ‘Black mirror’? If so you will be familiar with the episode ‘White Bear’. (If you haven’t it’s definitely worth watch) Through the episode, Charlie Brooker portrays a… Continue Reading →

Online Shopping: A New Dawn

Online shopping is a huge eCommerce enterprise, with so many channels and complexities that it’s becoming an entirely new industry itself. Waves of younger generation shoppers are facilitated in a more accessible and more customizable online landscape, allowing for online… Continue Reading →

YouTube Podcast- ‘The good, the bad and the ugly’

Podcast- ‘ Youtube the good, the bad and the Ugly’  This weeks post is very exciting down below is a link to my first ever Podcast!!

YouTube- Manipulation through Money?

  Failed Youtube Conventions An addiction to Youtube can be a dangerous thing not only for your own sanity but also for your bank account. Being so dedicated to a specific Youtuber can end up with you losing your hard… Continue Reading →

Streetwear: The Culture is Online

Urban youth subcultures and the culture of streetwear are progressive movements in contemporary society, becoming a mainstream phenomenon intensified by the internet. Streetwear brands and fashion labels followed religiously by urban subcultures and disciples of streetwear culture have flocked online… Continue Reading →

Youtube Addiction- Will I ever stop?

I created this blog because I have a problem. 

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