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Facebook being one of the original uses of social media with 42 million people using it in the UK alone, is great for making connections, you make new friends, you can even speak to people you haven’t spoken to in… Continue Reading →


Instagram is definitely a big topic of conversation when it comes to the digital impact on relationships. A whopping estimate of 24 million people in the UK use Instagram, overall this is 42% of the UK’s population which if I… Continue Reading →


As of late 2018 the number of people that use snapchat in the UK was 16.2 million. Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps, especially in the younger generation. Snapchat used to mean that you could take… Continue Reading →


This post I believe is a bit more positive than my first post when it comes to the impact it has on young people’s relationships. FaceTime was released in 2010 and is an Audio/Video calling service that was created by… Continue Reading →


In my first post I am going to be tackling the impact that tinder has on relationships in modern society. Many of you will be familiar with tinder, whether you’re currently using it, previously used it, know someone using it… Continue Reading →


I am currently at university studying communication and media and with this blog I am hoping to give an insight into the digital impact on relationships. I believe this is an important topic that I will be researching and communicating… Continue Reading →

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