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Infinite Knowledge on Animals: The Video

The following video is comprised with home pet videos combined with farm animals filmed by myself and friends I hope that throughout this video, we see that animals are no different. They all long for love and shouldn’t be treated… Continue Reading →

Would you like LIES with that???

With the facts from the Netflix documentaries discussed in the previous blog post, a lot of facts surfaced with viewers wanting to know more. After researching on Google trends, the term ‘Vegan’ has been searched this January more than ever… Continue Reading →

Netflix and Thrill?

Welcome back to my blog! I hope everybody had a great Christmas and spent time with their families and friends! I might have drank a bit too much but hey, that is what Christmas is all about! If you are… Continue Reading →


I am happy to finally share with you my first blog post using the results I got from you from my Twitter poll! The BIG question I am aiming to answer is…

Friendly Vegan – A Hello Post

Welcome to my Vegan Friendly blog. As this is my first ever blog post (gulp) I will be discussing the growth to the community of Vegans throughout the upcoming weeks! In particular, I will be focusing on the how digital… Continue Reading →

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