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The impact of mobile phones on the future of Digital Finance

In the global perspective, the trends in digital revolutions are increasing on a daily basis resulting in technologies that are making it possible to solve day-to-day challenges. Seemingly, the traditional banking system excludes many of the world’s poorest regions such… Continue Reading →

Business communication: Impact of Mobile Technologies

            The expansion of digital technology and its impact on the mobile phone industry has resulted in the evolution of business strategies in recent years.  The ever-changing mobile technologies have made change in business strategies possible, thus making business-related processes… Continue Reading →

Digital Marketing: The Impact of Mobile phones

As the world moves from analog to digital technology, digitization as created a profound impact in almost all areas of life that include business and work. Today, the use of mobile phones has gained momentum and has become a deciding… Continue Reading →

What is in a student phone?

A brief insight into a student’s phone. What they use on a daily basis, the ins and outs of how they go about social media and what their lives revolve around. Get a deeper look into why young people spend… Continue Reading →

The Future of Mobile Phones: What to expect?

The future of Mobile Phones will revolve around embedding phones in peoples day-to-day activities. The current digital transformation in the mobile phone industry shows that with the day to day improvement of mobile phones to meet consumer needs. The future… Continue Reading →

Mobile Phone trends Dominating 2018

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