What the makeup industry has in store for us in 2019

About inclusive makeup and the most exciting launches of the new year

Heading into the new year, we can expect a number of new releases from makeup brands with brand new products. Concealers, Foundations, Eyeshadow palettes… the list goes on and on. Some brands announced or launched their products in late 2018, to start of the new year. Here’s a list of the products and brands that are actually worth talking about. 

Should all makeup brands be cruelty free?

Whether drugstore or high end, the makeup industry is booming these days. And while there are so many choices of foundations, concealers, eyeshadow palettes, lip products and so on, people tend to have their preferences regarding brands and products.

And while a lot of the products out there achieve great results on our skin, the price to pay is often a high one. We might not be aware of it though, because others pay it for us. Yearly, a minimum number of 115 million animals worldwide are used for animal testing purposes. And it doesn’t look like it is about to change. 

     About relating confidence and body image to makeup

Whether they actually use it or not, everyone seems to have an opinion about makeup. Sure, people have preferences, but some also project those on others. It seems like you can never wear the right amount of makeup, ever. If you like to put on a full face, people might call you out for wearing too much. “You’d look so much better natural” or “You can’t even tell what you really look like without makeup” are comments to be expected, but if you like to wear little to no makeup, it’s comments like “you’d look so much prettier with makeup” that make you question your appearance.

Why does it seem like we need makeup to define what suits us and what doesn’t? And is there such thing as the right amount of makeup?