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Case Study: ACME Whistle Netball Outreach Campaign

During my time with the SEO team at Attain Design, I worked on a range of different projects to improve clients SEO rankings through both on-page and off-page content. Personally, one of my favourite projects to work on was the… Continue Reading →

Podcast: How Has The Digital Age Changed Our Hobbies?

The creator of Avobreak, Ashleigh and her close friend, Tegan talk about their current hobbies, New Years resolutions, as well as looking into whether social media is a hobby!

Sports And Fitness: The Benefits And Drawbacks Of The Internet

Looking into how the internet has benefitted sports and active hobbies. From keeping fit from home via YouTube and finding new sports! But is there a Downside? Keep reading to find out!

Has The Internet Changed How We Bake?

Looking into how the internet may have impacted how we discover new recipes and how we enjoy baking as a hobby. Includes a Gingerbread cupcake recipe!

How The Digital Age Has Impacted Music As An Industry And A Hobby

How the digital age has impacted music as an industry and a hobby. Looking into the effects of streaming sites such as Spotify and how the internet has changed how we learn to play instruments. 

How Has Make Up Changed Since The Rise Of The Internet?

How the internet and the rise of YouTube has changed how people do makeup and changed the perceptions of boys using and experimenting with make-up.

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