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Staying in Contact Back at Home

When the trip ends you’re lefts with pictures, memories, mementoes, and if you’re luck, friends for life! New technologies are helping us stay in contact with people we meet while abroad and it turns out those friendships can be invaluable…. Continue Reading →

Tourist Attractions of the Future

Tourist attractions have begun to implement new technologies to enhance visitors’ experiences. Some historical sites use technologies, such as augmented realty, to bring the past to life. Meanwhile, new tourist attractions are being planned every day that use technology to… Continue Reading →

Staying Connected Abroad

You don’t just use technology at home. You also continue while you’re away. It’s become common place for hotel’s and (even airports) to provide wifi for their guest to stay in contact with their “real lives”. Meanwhile travelers are using smartphones… Continue Reading →

Travel Research

Research into your travel needs (from attractions to hotels) has moved to sites such as Trip Advisor that allow users to rate in mass.  Small Businesses vs. Big Brands Brands are used to guarantee quality to consumers. We trust brands we’ve… Continue Reading →

Modern Travel Booking

The appearance of the internet, mobile devices and social media has changed the travel booking process: how we book travel and why we decide to. I Need to Get Out More: Social Media and Travel Envy It is likely travel booking may… Continue Reading →

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