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Author Phil Musunga

Saracen media; A day in the life.

Throughout July and August of 2019, I was employed by Saracen media as a marketing intern for a few weeks. Saracen media is part of a global agency known as the Omnicom Group (OMD), they are a specialist media agency that… Continue Reading →

Podcast: Reviewing the Amazon dash button.

A review on The Amazon Dash Button. If you have a few minutes to listen to my podcast please do. Let me know what you think about it in the comment section below. Amazon prime link

It’s A Fake!

Ever buy a bought knock-off brands online? Well, today it is easier than ever to buy items such as clothing, phones, household items and so on. This is because of the digitalisation of shopping. Online shopping has evolved the way… Continue Reading →

Can the retail stores fight back?

It’s clear to see that the internet has changed how we shop in recent years. It has made it easier for customers to buy their items without needing to be in store. But can retail stores fight back? Declining sales…. Continue Reading →

What does the future hold?

As discussed in our earlier blog posts it’s clear to see that we are moving towards an age of digital shopping. Today it’s very easy to get what you want to be delivered right to your doorstep. But what does… Continue Reading →

Online Shopping

In recent years, people have started spending plenty of time online, not only are we spending more time, but we are spending more money as well. In the past went to stores in order to purchase anything although today more shoppers head online… Continue Reading →

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