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Fame, Fortune and Fhotos

For this weeks blog post, I decided to do something a little different. I created a video blog (I guess a vlog but not the typical YouTube vlogs you see everyday). This video is all about celebrity privacy and the… Continue Reading →

Little Liabilities

How old were you when you first used the internet? The lives children have today is incredibly different to what mine was. So I can’t imagine how our parents must feel. There is no more playing in the parks. No… Continue Reading →

Frightful Facebook

Personally, for me, I cannot remember a time without social media. For me I would watch my older sister go on Bebo and Myspace and wonder what type of things were on there. I was so naive to the world… Continue Reading →

The Explorer called Internet

Do you ever get that feeling you are being watched? One second, you’re talking about a new TV show with your friends and the next minute it is being advertised all over the television. Or even looking at a new… Continue Reading →

The Hidden Danger In Your Hands

As I look round my lecture room trying so very hard to pay attention to my professors (sorry guys) I notice the amount of people who have some sort of tape or Blue Tac on their laptop webcams. I have… Continue Reading →

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