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Author Liza

A Bournemouth University graduate specialised in Communication and Media. I have worked in Marketing, Journalism, and Advertising Production. In this website I have put together my creative work.

A Day in the Life Being an SGS Fellow

July 2019 was marked by one of the most exciting and unforgettable things I have ever done. I became a fellow of the Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change. The three weeks I was away from home I spent… Continue Reading →

A Day in the Life Working at bTV Media Group

I spent a month as a journalist intern for the news department of bTV – one of top 2 Bulgarian TV channels. In just a month I got introduced to the practices of real journalism, I met interesting people who… Continue Reading →

Podcast With Ashley Woodfall

The following podcast is an interview with Ashley Woodfall who has a long experience in the TV industry. He is a co-convener of the Children’s Media Foundation (CMF). His primary research is on children and cross-platform media which makes him… Continue Reading →

Gaming As A Mental Disorder?

In June 2018 gaming was officially recognised as a mental disorder by The World Health Organisation (WHO). There are still contradictory findings and arguments on whether it can actually be classified as such. At the very least, we have all played… Continue Reading →

Instagram: The Beauty Guru For Kids

What about creating a school subject, which teaches kids that there is no point in rushing to grow up? Aging is inevitable for everyone anyway. How about giving kids a weekly assignment of a 1000-word-long essay. ‘The perks of acting… Continue Reading →

The Hazardous And Toxic Side Of YouTube

When people say you can find anything on YouTube, they are not joking. With 400 hours of video uploaded every minute, this platform is a representation of the evolution that came with the Internet. After Google and Facebook, YouTube is… Continue Reading →

The ‘Extraordinary’ Kids The Internet Raises

Technological advancements and evolution are correlated terms. They coexist, they give meaning to one another. Every single invention is another piece in the mosaic of changes. The world changes, people’s experiences change, their lives change. And the sooner one is… Continue Reading →

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