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PODCAST Hey guys! Hope you have enjoyed all of my blog posts. Tonight’s post is the first @goodvibesonly podcast and I had the help of Capryce Dunning and Abi Mansfield who helped me make it possible. They are both University… Continue Reading →

Women are rewriting the rules of social media

Who says women can’t make their own rules when using social media? It’s 2019 and it’s time to make a stand! No more hesitations and overthinking. Something I’ve learnt over the years is to never question whether or not to post on… Continue Reading →

Digital Media boosting women’s self-esteem – “Blogging”

Creating a blog can help boost women’s self-esteem. Let’s take a look at blogging for example, nowadays there are loads of successful empowering female bloggers who’s work inspire women across the world. One of the most successful bloggers and writers of 2018 is The… Continue Reading →

Selfie-Esteem “The Kardashian Effect”

How incredible do you feel after you’ve taken a great selfie? I’m sure we can all relate that, when we look really good we want to share it with the world. Social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat have become embedded in… Continue Reading →

Women and social media- The “Perfect” Feed

Women, especially young girls are expected to live up to an impossible standard. The idea of a “perfect life” has become extremely unrealistic over the last couple of years, all due to social media. The constant comparison between women is… Continue Reading →

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