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Fashion: 3 New Ways to Shop for Style

The digital impact on the fashion industry has introduced new ways for customers to shop for their products or alter their style. Three of those ways will be explored in this article, so keep reading to find out more. 1…. Continue Reading →

Switching Streams: The Evolving Entertainment Industry

One of the first industries to change drastically as part of the digital revolution was the entertainment sector. In the past, in order to shop for music or movies, we would take the traditional route and buy physical copies of… Continue Reading →

Infographic: Online Sales vs. Bricks and Mortar

This week check out the infographic to see the differences between sales made online versus shopping in-store! As we discussed the death of the high street in the future of retail post, this infographic provides visual insight on how it has occurred…. Continue Reading →

Food: Tasty Advancements

The digital revolution has also upgraded the way in which we shop for our food. If you’re feeling peckish and the selection in the fridge is leaving too much to the imagination then have no fear! Look no further than… Continue Reading →

Retail and the Future of Shopping

  It’s no secret that the world of retail, or more appropriately “e-tail” is evolving faster than you can say ‘free next day shipping!’. With the digital revolution more prevalent than ever before, shopping has not been left behind. Retailers… Continue Reading →

Welcome to Shop Notch!

Each week we will be exploring different ways in which technology and its many advancements are everchanging how we shop. Whether it’s for groceries, a new outfit or a video game you best believe that technology is making the process… Continue Reading →

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