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Author Eoin Wilson

Interview with a Premier League fan who’s on Social Media

For my last entry to this blog I though I’d interview a fellow uni student who is an avid follower of football to see what his thoughts about the Premier League online are and find out exactly how he has… Continue Reading →

Fantasy Premier League: The benefits of the Premier League online

For all of the shortcomings of the Premier League discussed in the last blog, one major benefit of it’s growing influence online has been the formation of Fantasy Premier League. 

Fans or customers? The changing relationship between a club and it’s supporters

Facebook, Twitter and Youtube have undoubtedly opened doors for Premier League clubs that just weren’t there in the past. Fan engagement, promotional activity and general club discussion have all shot up but is this for the better? 

Social media heralds a new era for the Premier League

One of the main insufficiencies of the Premier League in it’s early years was that there was little way for fans engage with, discuss and bond over their clubs.

The landscape of the Premier League pre-social media

Since the turn of the century, the Premier League has become increasingly involved with the digital world.

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