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A ‘Day In The Life’ at North American Vacation Homes My day would typically start at 8:50AM, I always liked to arrive slightly earlier to ensure that I was ready for the day ahead (computer was working, my notes were… Continue Reading →

Keeping Up With The Kids – Stay Connected Whilst Travelling

Here are a few ways to communicate, even if you are thousands of miles away. #KUWTK For so many of us, travelling marks the end of our childhood and the beginning of adulthood (yikes). Travelling to the airport with our… Continue Reading →

Podcast – Social Media and Travel

Here is a chatty and informal video for you. In this video, I will explore types of social media platforms and will discuss how they are used by the travel industry.  Video Outline & Key Topics Instagram Instagram is one of… Continue Reading →

At war for our wildlife – how technology is saving lives

This post is a little bit different from the rest. A little less sarcastic and little more serious. The majority of what you read is still my personal opinion but you may choose what you do with it. This topic… Continue Reading →

Travel Apps – The Top 5 Apps that everyone should be using

So, if travel agents aren’t being used and people are turning to digital methods when booking holidays, what are the go-to travel apps that we should all be using? Here are the top 5 travel apps based on my own… Continue Reading →

Travel Agencies hankering on extinction – The 21st Century Dinosaurs

High-street travel agencies are dropping like flies. Long gone are the days of throwing the kids into the Fiat Multipla and pootling down to the local travel agents, to then sit for hours flicking through brochure after brochure with Carol… Continue Reading →

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