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Author Tia

Student to Placement: The Other Side To BU

I’m (almost) six months into my placement and I still feel like I’ve only just started. I guess time flies when you have a routine and you’re enjoying your job. Before starting my placement, I was worried I would have… Continue Reading →

The Pursuit of Perfection

With rise of the “snowflake” generation comes the rise of the pursuit for perfection. Young people are putting more pressure on themselves to reach perfection in their appearance, work, career, etc.

Yasmin Stefanie and The Blogosphere

An interview with Yasmin Stefanie about her experiences in the blogosphere.

Instagram vs. Reality

Last week I briefly touched upon Instagram and reality in the blogging community but this week I’ll be talking about the truth behind the picture.

The Blogging Community

This week’s blog is about the connections we make in the blogging community but how a lot of these can be fake. I will also talk about the pressure blogging can put on you. I’ll touch upon some of the… Continue Reading →

Instagram and Blogging: Best Friends or Enemies

Hi everyone! I’m starting this blog to write about the good and the bad of being a blogger. You’ll hear the true reality of blogging in the age of Instagram and obsessing over followers. I’m being honest with my experiences… Continue Reading →

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