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The Digital Impact on Diversity.

If you would have shown me The Tess Holiday Cosmopolitan Cover when I was 8, I wouldn’t have believed it was real. As a child, I was picked on for having a twitch, funny teeth and was riddled with self-loathing…. Continue Reading →

15 Ways to Hate Yourself Less

It’s that time of year in which we indulge heavily in booze and bacon wrapped sausages. I for one, take Christmas festivities to the extreme. And it wouldn’t be Christmas without a passive aggressive comment from a family member that… Continue Reading →

FaceTune: Harmless or Toxic?

Facetune is an app that has made the deceptive digital modification, not just a tool used by magazine editors. It’s given the power of ‘perfection’ to the people. Now it is used by EVERYONE from your favourite beauty Gurus and… Continue Reading →

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