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A Day in the Life at Seventa Events

I spent a month working at Seventa Events in Poole, and the experience really opened my eyes to how much time, work and money goes into organising events. I had the opportunity to work alongside well known companies such as… Continue Reading →

Why the Arkham Trilogy are still the Best Comic Book Games of all time

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that my all-time favourite video game series is the Arkham trilogy. I’ve played those games so many times I’ve lost count, but that won’t stop me from playing them yet again. As… Continue Reading →

Behind the Mask : Are printed comic books going out of fashion?

When was the last time you visited your local comic book store to pick up the release of a new comic issue? Better yet, do you even have a local comic book store? I know my answer, why go all… Continue Reading →

From Pages to Pictures : The Comic Book Movie Empire

Recently I’ve posted a few polls on my Twitter¬†about comic book movies, and it got me thinking about how far the ever-growing network of movies has come since Adam West’s days as Batman. Since then, we’ve seen the Marvel Cinematic… Continue Reading →

‘Have you even read the comics?’ : How Cosplayers Suffer from Online Harassment

[Any screenshots shown in this post will remain anonymous] As a female cosplayer, I can offer some first hand insight into what it’s like to be a content creator in a largely male-orientated community. A lot of my online interactions… Continue Reading →

Behind the Mask : Lee Bradley’s Relationship with Social Media

I recently had a chat with Lee Bradley, a comic book artist who has drawn for the likes of Spiderman, Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Ironically, we spoke via social media, and he told me all about his online… Continue Reading →

Behind the Mask : Come to the Dark Side of Fandoms

Social media – it’s a bit of a marmite: you either love it, or you hate it. I for one can fully embrace that I have a bit of an addiction.¬† Realistically, think back to the last time you went… Continue Reading →

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