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Author Isabelle Berry

24 Hour Detox – No Social Media!

I find that social media is so addictive, and we all need time away from it from time to time – so I decided I needed a detox! This Week… I have decided to do something a bit different for… Continue Reading →

Relationships Impacted by Social Media: Good or Bad?

Today in 2018, we are able to communicate with nearly whoever we want through our technological devices. Texting Personally, my main form of communicating with people, as a young adult, is by text. Including emojis, and kisses in all of… Continue Reading →

Powers of Music: The Ultimate Escape from our Anxieties

Whenever I am most stressed, music is what I turn to as it helps me stay positive. The History of Music – Past to Present Music has been being created since the beginning of time. Originally people had to play… Continue Reading →

Social Media and the Pressures of Healthy Eating: What is the Best Diet?

Social media has been a huge part of how I gained knowledge and formed my impression of what is a healthy diet. Healthy eating has been a huge part of my life for the last 5 years. I’ve tried so… Continue Reading →

Instagram and Body Positivity – My Journey

Social media can impact the way we think about ourselves, positively or negatively. Instagram Today, people are constantly compared to others through social media and the photos that they upload. All the selfies, the photoshoots that go on behind closed… Continue Reading →

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