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22 years old, football lover,huge fan of Chris Nolan movies, in love with spider man and comic book films,very passionaite about games especially pokemon and yu-gi-oh.

Virtual Exposure Amongst Teens,Adolescents And More

Hope you liked my last post. This post will have the same format as my last post.Less talking and more scientific facts because honestly i did not know much about this subject so i had to do some scientific research…. Continue Reading →

Cyberbullying on LGBTQ

Have you ever been cyberbullied? I have never been but this subject is very interesting and i would like to discuss it for my new blog post. To be more clear i would discuss about cyberbully impact on LBQT yeah… Continue Reading →

Artificial Intelligence: Friend or Foe

           Hey people hope you’re all doing fine and welcome to my new post about AI which stands for artificial intelligence. Don’t worry cause I won’t be talking about the old sci-fi movies where the AI… Continue Reading →

Social Media: Distractive or Helpful

             Hey everyone, welcome to my very new post and it will be about social media and how it could be useful for education.              It is possible to say… Continue Reading →

Gaming or Gambling ?

              Do you ever play games, online, offline, mobile or computer games? Does not matter what kind of game you’re playing or what platform you are using, if you describe yourself such gamer then with… Continue Reading →

It is harder than you think to find a interesting title for your very first post ever

       Hey everyone, it’s Gundar, and I will be sharing my personal thoughts on how mass media impacts the modern world we live in supported with facts. If you are interested in learning something new about the advanced… Continue Reading →

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