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Author Jesika Gomes

A Day in the Life of a Social Media Assistant at Student Works

At the beginning of the Summer, I started my short placement at Student Works as a Social Media Assistant. Student Works is an education agency located in Bournemouth and its main aim is to attract international students to the United… Continue Reading →

How Music Boomed The Popularity Of Spanish and Korean

The desire to learn Korean and Spanish skyrocketed due to the popularity of K-Pop and Latin Pop.

Language Learning: Are Apps and Virtual Reality Effective?

Learning a language has never been so easy since the emergence of Language Learning Apps and Virtual Reality.

Is The English Language Still The Global Language Online?

Despite the increased diversity of languages online, English continues to be the dominant language of the Internet.

Texting And Autocorrect To Blame For The Bad Grammar And Spelling?

Researchers claim that texting promotes bad grammar and spelling.

Language Change: The Impact of Digital Technology

Language has evolved and the appearance of digital technology is one of the factors responsible for it. Here are 6 ways the language has changed:

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