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How Social Media Is Forever Changing Music

In this next post, i really want to delve deeper into the impact that social media is having on the digital age of music that we now live in. It’s clear to see that social media is impacting it in… Continue Reading →

Music Video’s in the Digital Age

Before music videos, the only story that could be told in music was through the lyrics and the consumers imagination. Music videos have helped narratives to be developed and entertain consumers in ways which movies and television shows would be… Continue Reading →

Is Technology Changing The Music Industry?

It’s obvious to see that the music is evolving into something that years ago people didn’t think was possible. The question is, how has this happened? There are different factors to consider when thinking about this. As time changes so… Continue Reading →

The Rise Of Spotify In The Digital Age!

There was once a time where Record Players and the Radio dominated the music industry in terms of audience. However the last few years has seen the rise of Spotify. In the digital age we live in, it is hard… Continue Reading →

The Vinyl Revival?

Music is such a powerful tool in the world. It isn’t needed to survive but it is really important. There are different ways to play music. Through the radio, record players and more recently through the internet and our phones…. Continue Reading →

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