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My Top 5 Apps To Mend The Mind

Our minds can be manic sometimes. Having your mind whirring with thoughts causing sleep deprivation. Or, feelings of anxiety and worry can be preventing you from living life to the fullest.  Feeling stifled from just jumping into life head-first, and… Continue Reading →


Independence is a quality that we all like to think of ourselves as possessing. It is good to be self-suffient, and empowering to be in control of our own journeys. There are also many stages throughout said journeys that upgrade… Continue Reading →


I have lately become aware of how the feeling of contentment is actually quite rare; despite it being what we all strive for.  It makes me wonder whether this idea of ‘contentment’ sitting somewhere in the future, is in fact… Continue Reading →

Imagination: Thriving or Diving?

A note of Nostalgia I often say that I am thankful to have had a childhood prior to the boom of smart phones and tablets. I reminisce fondly about my adventures through my Grandmother’s gardens pretending I was an escaped… Continue Reading →

Anti-social Socialising

Recently I have been wondering whether social media is redefining what it means to be ‘sociable’. It has, without a doubt, become a giant in the last few years, with next-to-all of the population born after the 1960s having an… Continue Reading →

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Join me in Mindscape as I explore all the ways digital tech helps and hinders us. It’s well-and-truly imbedded in our lifestyles, and so I’m curious: how well are we living intertwined with it?

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