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SCP Bounty Hunter Tournament

December and January are usually slow months for the world of poker. It was no different for our poker room at South Coast Poker LTD (SCP). Most people stay at home and watch movies in this cold part of the… Continue Reading →

BACOM 5 – Digital Education and the cost of Knowledge

As shown previously the cost of digital education is lower then traditional one. Research shows that to create content on the internet cost magnitude less then to have a teacher teach it to the students as it allows for unlimited… Continue Reading →

BACOM 4- Impact of digital technology on Technology-assessments

For the longest time in history, the way students were assessed on their work hasn’t changed. For the most part there has whether been a long exam or some sort of coursework or practical exercise. In recent years however, there… Continue Reading →

BACOM 3- The impact of digital technology on education in developing countries

Digital technology made a huge progress in the educational department in the last ten years. There are new interactive teaching websites and other ways people all around the world can access wast portals of knowledge. This phenomenon where people of… Continue Reading →

BACOM 2- Potential Negatives of online Higher education

We have discussed some of the benefits using the digital technology to progress the educational systems set in place for students of all levels. There is however a discussion in the academical circles about the potential negatives of using solely… Continue Reading →

BACOM 1- Introducing Digital Technology and it’s impact on Education

Digital technology in relationship to education can have many meanings. The one i want to focus on is the new way many people are studying and that is by using online resources rather then by physically attending lesson or lectures… Continue Reading →

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