Forget the famous Match of the Day studio. Fan media channels are providing raw and direct content made for the fans, by the fans. They have changed the dynamic of football analysis giving power to the everyday fan straight outside the stadium.

Fan media is a topic that could not divide opinion any more if it wanted to. It’s the marmite of the football world. Dive in as I look at AFTV and other fan channels.

It’s the start of the new year. Christmas has long been forgotten. Hence decorations have been taken down. While new years hangovers are wearing off, which can only mean one thing. The January transfer window is up and active. And thus transfer announcements are about to be in full force. So what better time to look at the worst transfer announcement videos of the Premier league.

My initial thought, no. eSports will never be a replacement or anywhere even close to the thrill of real-life sports. I refuse to believe that gaming sports can ever overtake any athletic sporting activity. But should I be giving them a chance? Recently eSports have been gaining a meteoric rise in attention. So is it time to stop knocking them and start taking them more seriously? The English Premier league is giving eSports a chance. Maybe we can too.