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Create your own Music Festival

In the modern, technology driven, world there is little that one can’t achieve with the use of social media. Many people in fact, have used social media and no other form of advertising when promoting new products or events on… Continue Reading →

Drugs in Festival Culture

Perhaps one of the biggest controversies within UK music festivals over the last few years was the decision to implement drug testing facilities inside the festival. Secret Garden Party initiated the trial in 2016 after several reports of overdoses at… Continue Reading →

Publicity through the Public

Among some of the biggest changes to music festival is are the artists. Fashion and festival goers- whilst far more digital- still hold the hippy, carefree nature of the festival, just in their own, modern, Instagram friendly way. Artists, however,… Continue Reading →


It’s impossible to think about the post Instagram festival and not think about the outfits. #Festivalfashion is massive, the bigger, the glitterier the better. So much so people are now ‘Instagram famous’ through their festival style. Companies such as pretty… Continue Reading →

Glastonbury and Woodstock to Mic Drops

It’s by no means a new craze, in fact to limit the term ‘festival’ to mean solely the likes of Glastonbury and Boomtown would be entirely ignorant. But what is new, or rather, what has changed the most is the… Continue Reading →

Introduction to Millennials and Festivals

Millennials and Festivals, a combination only comparable to elderflower Gin and over-priced tonic. To those not involved, the appeal is but a mystery. You pay £250 to sleep in a muddy field with 4 different genres of music a blaring… Continue Reading →

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